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Our company, Medico Engineering Group Ltd. was established with reference to the requirements of the Health and Safety at work laws in Bulgaria.
The Occupational health service is linked to modern requirements for the prevention of working risks in different fields of work

The company has offices in Sofia, Varna, Sevlievo.
Different range of mobility - cars, vans and heavy duty SUVs to perform the tasks of occupational health service in the country.
In the occupational health services are working high professional-level specialist, doctors working in occupational health and care medicine, neurology, internal and general medicine, engineers - specialists in safety at work, data analyzer, specialists in human resources, office manager, technician personal.
For specific tasks related to the work of Occupational health service, the company is working with different highly qualified experts in the field of toxicology,occupational diseases of the respiratory and nervous system, Consultant of the Republic in the health and safety at work and safety at work.The company is providing legal advice and expertise regarding regulatory requirements for safety, temporary and permanent disability.
For the nessary measures related to the overall volume of activities to prevent health workers' Medical Engineering Group Ltd. works closely with the Laboratory for measuring work environment factors.

Some of our clients since 2001 are:

METRO cash & Carry Bulgaria

Lindner Bulgaria

Jonson & Jonson Bulgaria

Neterra Ltd

Praktiker Bulgaria

ESAB Electrodes


GoldAir Handling – Airports

ZARA, Bershka, Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti, PULL&BEAR, OYSHO

KFC, Dunkin Donuts, NORDSEE

University hospital LOZENEC (government hospital)

and other Bulgarian and international companies with offices throughout the country